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1994 Harley Davidson Varaosiksi $ 3200 suomeen tuotuna taxfree 








1973-lincoln-continental-mark-3-12 1973-lincoln-continental-mark-3-11 1973-lincoln-continental-mark-3-71973-lincoln-continental-mark-3-4 1973-lincoln-continental-mark-3-8 1973-lincoln-continental-mark-3-2




















1973 Lincoln Continental Mark 4 tästä halpa Lincoln Esim harrastus aloittelu autoksi tarvii pientä laittoa, laitan ajo kuntoon kun aika sallii,  hp$4900 suomeen tuotuna taxfree


This is a 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV with 67,324 miles on it, a 460 cubic inch V8, and an automatic transmission. It has a clean title, and from 2011 to early 2016 I had it running, registered, and tagged. However, the accelerator pump started going bad and the battery died. Those things are the ONLY things that should need replaced in order to have it running again.

 I replaced the following at that time: new shocks (all 4), replaced the radiator hoses (both), replaced the belts (all 3), replaced the distributor, replaced the spark plugs, replaced oil and oil filter, replaced headlights. I stripped out the interior to check for rust. I found no serious rust, so I added some noise and heat reducing panels to the floor and then replaced the carpet. The power-adjustable driver seat still works. One set of power windows works, the other does not. I coated the bottom of the vehicle with a rust-proofer. I lightly sanded the exterior and then painted it with paint-and-primer, flat black.

I’ve spent over $1,500 on this car and who knows how many hours.


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1974 Lincoln Continental 

Hieno alkuperäinen kaikki toimii valmis ajoon kysy lisätietoja hp $ 9999 suomeen tuotuna 


I’ve got a beautiful, all original 1974 Lincoln MK 4 Continental edition for sale. paint is fantastic and was double stage corrected by arete auto salon to bring back the beautiful gloss it had from the factory. interior is mint minus 2 small holes in the headliner. it has 90k on it and the last 12k were since may! this car is a true classic cruiser with luxury. it has more options than my daily driver which is an 09. it has power seats, doors, cruise control, A/c, auto dimming headlights, electric trunk button, automatic folding passenger seat to allow out the people in the rear seat, and many more! its honestly crazy the technology thats in this car, this car specifically has every dealer option extra minus a sun roof, it has optional chrome trim headlights, marker guards, and more such as optional 3rd taillight and lock box for toll change. Maintenance  needed? why its turn key and ready to go! I have done the starter, brakes, lines, master cylinder, alternator, and almost all of the vacuum lines have been replaced as well as a pro tuned and rebuilt carburetor  to make sure she is running smooth. also has two new rear tires. there is not a thing this car will need other than a new owner to drive her.




1964-cadillac-2 1964-cadillac-3 1964-cadillac-4 1964-cadillac-6 1964-cadillac-16





















1964 Cadillac 4 door HT alkuperäiskuntoinen ajokuntoinen lisätietoja alla pyydä lisäkuvia ym $6900 suomeen tuotuna taxfree 


1964 Cadillac  4 door HT

Purchased it in 2009 from a friend who purchased it 1981 from Towne Tractor Sales of Freehold New Jersey owner who was the original owner driven only by his chauffeur. It sat in my friends garage from 1981 to 2009.  When I purchased it first got it running check out fine it needed tires and some tune up. Original paint was thin and it was getting surface rust. Over the years in and out of the garage it mostly sat with intentions of working on it almost 7 years after here it is on Ebay for the fist time. 

Body is straight and accident free with a scrape by passenger rear as you may see on the photos. It still has its original paint exception of some touch ups to prevent it from getting more surface rust. Paint is thin and will need to be re sprayed. This Cadillac is a very solid car floors trunk quarters it requires minimal metal work to make it a better car. Only badly rusted area is the lower bottom edge of the hood from moisture built up.  I think it has the best roofline of all the 64’s being a sedan its a 4window only makes the roof come lower instead of 6 window versions having a higher roof line. Chrome is good usable driver condition. Weather stripping is all original and dry.

Mechanically it is in working order good engine good transmission, miles are correct at 41K. Original Engine and transmission. Currently runs off of can gas with external electric pump, gas tank had old gas flushed once but was not enough should be taken out and cleaned and all fluids should be changed it has been a while I haven’t done anything to this Cadillac. Muffler is blown rest of the exhaust is intact. Tires are about 2-3 years old they are not correct but they came off my 60 conv has good thread and low miles on them. Brakes will need to be checked out,  it does stop but i think right front wheel cylinder is not working at all.  

Interior is all original from carpet to the headliner. Cloth interior has some wear on drivers side. Could use a good cleaning. Carpet has discoloration. Door panels have discoloration.  All 4 power windows work radio and antenna works. Has tilt wheel and automatic climate control (I have never tried I don’t know if it works or not).  Dash cracked one cold night couple of weeks ago. Headliner is in perfect shape. Power seat motor spins freely it may work with some lube to its transmission. 

Overall is an original never restored 1964 Cadillac



1967 Cadillac Convertible Deville

Purchased 1967 Cadillac Convertible in 2008 , it was one family owned. Purchased new from De Simone Cadillac Camden ,  the same dealership is still open in Cherry Hill New Jersey. Traded it in 1967 for his 1964 Cadillac convertible.When the father passed away son took it over. The car sat for about 7-8 years. This was a demo car ordered by dealer with a special paint code.It’s original color is not Flamenco red it is brighter and lighter than than Flamenco red.  Original bill of sale and protect-o plate included.

Mechanically is a running driving car. After purchase I had many things worked out such as tune up, water pump, carburetor,  brakes, exhaust but all the work is older may need refresh  again. Its has been sitting for about 2 years. It starts right up even after sitting.  I can’t remember everything I have done for it but everything was to keep it running to keep it on the road. It should be checked out before getting back on the road.  I have driven it the way it is 100 mile trips it was a good running car. Needs carburetor redone again Idles fine surges on higher rpms. I had it done once when I purchased it. One of the rear brake wheel cylinders looses fluid if it sits more than a couple of weeks. It has factory optinal posi rear.

Interior is all original, it has a nice dash with no cracks, door panels are in good shape, leather seats are dried up carpet is original and still usable. Power Convertible top is intact and working order although it is older and should not be messed with at cold weather. 3 Power windows work exception of the passenger rear.Am-fm Radio  lights up comes on with no sound power antenna works . Cruise works when it wants to. Heat works and air condition worked in this car at once its probably low on charge. Power Seat engages but does not move. 

Body is straight and never had any accidents. It has its typical rust spots such as front fender lower corners, rear body mount points by rear bumper, rear floors are weak fronts are good. Frame is solid and has no rust. Rockers are good, has some rust spots on the very lower of rear quarters. Paint is faded and should be resprayed. It had one respray by previous owner since new excluding the door jams and trunk jam. Chrome is original and tired.

1967-cadillac-1 1967-cadillac-4 1967-cadillac-6 1967-cadillac-9 1967-cadillac-19 1967-cadillac-13 1967-cadillac-12






















1967 Cadillac Convertible Deville 

Ajokunnossa, harvinaisila optioilla väri on alkuperäinen sävy, seisonut joitakin vuosia, tarvii pientä laittoa jonkun vuoden seisomisen jälkeen, kysy lisätietoja  hp $9999 suomeen tuotuna taxfree